Jump on in, the water is warm!  It's time to start getting well!

So you've read about how we can help you; you want this and you need this, so now let's take the next step to getting you well! Download and print the paperwork below, fill it out to bring with you, or you can fill out paperwork in the office, your choice. If you have copies of your x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, or any other form of imaging, please bring that with you.

When you arrive, you will be checked in and seen as soon as possible.

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Dr. Bowers will review the paperwork if it is your first visit, go over your complaints and symptoms to determine the best choice of service(s) for you, and perform treatment if no major issues. If your condition requires a specialty referral to another doctor, we can help you with that. Care consent will be a prerequisite in order to be treated, which is provided in the  New Patient Paperwork  packet.

Most patients begin to feel relief after their first adjustment. Muscle soreness can be expected, perhaps accompanied with slight stiffness but overall, the pain should begin

to reduce within a few hours with most spine related conditions. Dr. Bowers adjusts all ages, sizes, and types, from babies to elders to athletes and everything in between!

With NAET, timing of relief can vary. While some people see great results after only the first couple of visits, some people with more complicated conditions need more treatments and time to start experiencing relief. Dr. Bowers recommends at least five visits with NAET, but you want twelve visits (ask about our 12 visit discounted visit bundle!) in order to clear just about everything we eat and most digestive related organs, enzymes and hormones to get you back on track to feeling better.

Dr. Bowers strongly recommends lifestyle Chiropractic as a necessity to help prevent future injury, aches and pains, and to keep your nervous system functioning at its potential. With NAET and acupuncture, Dr. Bowers leaves the decision of future visits up to the patient - your body knows when it feels better! 

Don't wait!    Make the call!    615.991.3100
Click the button below for a preferred appointment time and we'll do our best to reserve it for you!
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