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So many people struggle with pain and chronic conditions and we understand that these conditions can dramatically decrease your quality of life. Failure to address these symptoms can lead to a worsening condition, snowball into other chronic conditions, increase long term medical bills, and restrict living. Dr. Brittany uses research-based practices to treat hundreds of patients presented with all sorts of conditions in her office with tremendous success rates.

Return to an optimal quality of life

Here at The Allergy & Spine Center in Hendersonville, we guide
our patients to a better quality of life through chiropractic, acupuncture, NAET allergy testing and treatment, nutritional counseling around proper supplements, the correct and healthy
way of living the ketogenic lifestlye through Correct Keto, or a combination of services. Dr. Brittany provides the best care naturally by taking individualized, custom approaches to
best suit your healthcare needs.

"No doubt the best and so caring. Amazingly incredible." 

-Mike H.

Allergy Elimination

We use the research-based NAET method to identify sensitivities and get you back to optimal health.


We target your specific needs through specialized acupuncture techniques, known to treat an array of conditions for over 3,000 years.



We use individualized, specific chiropractic techniques to correct the cause of pain instead of only treating symptoms. 

Correct Keto

We offer nutritional counseling around the correct and healthy, sustainable way of living the ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting and proper supplements.


The Allergy & Spine Center

We understand you are here because you are in pain or unsatisfied with your current health. You want to solve your chronic back pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, or perhaps lose weight, and haven’t quite found the right process.

Pain, discomfort, and weight gain lead to frustration, lowers your quality of life, and affects your relationships and mental health. It’s important to identify these symptoms and learn the root cause of what is really going on, so you can return to an optimal quality of life.

Dr. Brittany gets it. She has been through it. She's made it her mission to guide you in a direction that actually solves your health issues, rather than just placing a bandage. We have personal experience with pain and imbalances, found the education and qualification to help heal, and practices it every day. 

It’s easy and affordable to get started on a path of healing. Schedule an appointment for your root cause of pain or ailments and Dr. Brittany will guide you on the best approach for care to get you feeling better. 

We offer chiropractic care, therapeutic and cosmetic acupuncture, nutrition around proper supplements, Correct Keto, and allergy elimination technique via NAET.

Additionally, Dr. Brittany offers lines of highly rated and clean, quality supplements by Designs For Health and Standard Process. ChiroFlow water pillows and doTERRA essential oils are also available for purchase.

We provide the best care naturally by listening to your story and taking individualized, custom approaches to best suit your healthcare needs.

Let’s get you feeling great!

Get started in
3 simple steps


Make an appointment with Dr. Brittany at The Allergy & Spine Center. It’s easy. Start with your specific concern or condition.


Discuss your symptoms; we listen. At our practice, we aren’t the typical doctor’s office. We want to hear your story.


Together, we create a plan for better health for the long-term. We use research-based, proven practices that work! Our reviews say so!


"Dr. Bowers has been helping me with stress management through the allergy program, allergies, and hormonal issues. She is a great chiropractor as well, as she has helped me with shoulder and back issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a very caring, understaanding, and compassionate chiropractor, that will do everything she can do to help you."

-Marion I.

"I was introduced to NAET treatment by my fellow colleague who had great results with curing allergens and stopped using her daily asthma inhaler. I decided to try it for my 5yo daughter who has been diagnosed with pediatric asthma two years ago. Although the technique in the first session was completely new and strange to me, my daughter had such a positive impact right away that night. Her asthmatic cough has reduced tons and we stopped using the rescue inhaler since. We enrolled her in a 6 week treatment plan for NAET and chiropractic adjustments and noticed bigger changes after the 4th session. My daughter runs and doesnt get breathless or coughs like before. I also started my son with a 5 week adjustment treatment and he said he felt straight after the first one. I love that the treatments are non-invasive and safe. And the best part is my kiddos love Dr. Bowers. I definitely recommend NAET and Dr. Brittany Bowers."

-P. Fernandes

"My young daughter has severe seasonal allergies. Before we saw Dr. Bowers she had nebulizer treatments, steroids and lots of decongestants. ONE NAET TREATMENT improved her symptoms by 90%, and over the next week it was like she was never sick. We have returned to care with the change of seasons to address fall allergies, and we have seen the same miraculous effect. Words are not enough to express our gratitude!"

-Dylan A.

"I've had allergies (congestion) for 60 years -- After 3 treatments my congestion has cleared 80%+ . Will follow up with more treatments for asthma and arthritis - love her."

-Mary Jo H.

"Absolutely LOVE Dr Bowers. Been miserable for 19 yrs since an injury. Have lead a recluse life because of pain and inability to sit or stand for any length of time. Was Very anxious about my first Acupuncture session. She explained everything beautifully. Have heard nightmares about chiropractic sessions of things gone wrong and had a great fear it would make my situation worse, but after speaking to her in detail, I agreed to try it. Have had 5 Acupuncture sessions and 4 adjustments and have seen noticeable improvement already. Cant wait to see what the future holds! I may actually be able to attend a church, concert, or ballgame or have dinner with friends without being in horrible pain for days afterwards and having to require a driver home after the event, due to pain. She has given me HOPE!"

-Madonna F.

"Traveling the country through my 70 years, I have been fortunate to have known two chiropractors out of perhaps twenty who could rightly be called “healers”. Simply put, they possessed skills and gifts that were not taught or bestowed in schools. Those two are long gone so I am SO very pleased to have found Dr. Brittany Bowers, as she is one who surely falls into that rare category. It became evident early on that genuine healing is both Dr. Bowers' intention and her passion and I am blessed to have found her. Considering our respective ages I figure she’s the only chiropractor I’m ever going to need 🙂 I recommend her highly."

-Craig M.

"I was in a tremendous amount of neck pain when I came into Dr. Bowers. She is a wonderful, concerned and caring young lady. Right away she helped me and has continued to improve my neck pain and addressed each and every other problem I have told her about. I am so much improved and will continue to come to her regularly for maintaining this improvement. Thank you Dear Lady!"

-Marilyn L.

"Dr. Bowers has been great, she has treated me with seasonal allergies, thyroid, immune system, yeast infections and food allergies. I’m off of some of my medication due to her. Just talking to her other patients will give you a bigger picture of what these treatments can do. So if you are in the waiting room, start talking. You would be surprised at all the things that can be treated outside of regular medicine. I talked to a lady who was on a kidney transplant list who was improving each treatment and was removed from list.. Infants being treated, another lady told me that her child had reactions to a shot and he started showing signs of autism. Was treated and is doing great- of course this took more than one treatment. I had a friend treated for poisoning ivy, another for cats and they are both cleared from this allergy. I just can’t say enough about N.A.E.T treatments. I have booked another treatment next week- can’t wait. P.S. it sounds weird but just try it, it works."

-Kathy S.

"Dr. Bowers provides fantastic chiropractic services. She gives good adjustments, and what I really appreciate about her is that she takes the time to find all the problems and correct them - I don't feel rushed in her care. I highly recommend her!"

-Travis N.

"I literally crawled into Dr. Bowers's office with a pinched nerve in my back and severe sciatic pain. Literally a 12 on a 10 scale. Within the workweek she had me up and walking on the second visit. Pain was a 5. By the fourth visit a week later I was walking freely and pain was nearly a zero. Such a pleasant and professional doctor. She knows exactly what to do!!"

-Fred O.

"Dr. Bowers has helped me so much with my allergies. Nashville had terrible pollen this year and she helped me fight them quickly. She also helped with my food sensitivities which has changed my life. My most recent situation really floored me. I had been having vertigo symptoms since the end of January (almost 4 months). I had been told to take allergy medicine and other things to make it go away. I tried everything and finally went back to her office. I found out what I was dealing with was an emotional issue instead of physical! I had one treatment and my symptoms were almost 100 percent gone. I just keep thinking, “what would I have done without this!” She also adjusted me that day and it was one of the best adjustments I have had. I strongly recommend Dr. Bowers and all of her methods of natural therapy!"

-Meg H.

"Dr. Bowers is the greatest. I currently use her for both Chiropractic and NAET and wouldn’t trade it for the world. She is very friendly and makes you feel right at ease during all sessions. Fun to joke around with her. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is very good at what she does. I can be hurting when i go in to see her and after a single session I feel like a million bucks."

-Rick R.

Our Services


At our office, Dr. Brittany offers a variety of services to treat conditions including pain, allergies, weight gain, or autoimmune conditions you or a loved one may have. She specializes in chiropractic, cosmetic and therapeutic acupuncture, NAET allergy testing and treatment, and nutritional counseling in the Correct Keto program.

Why Choose Allergy & Spine?

Here at The Allergy & Spine Center, Dr. Brittany guides her patients to better quality of life through chiropractic, acupuncture, NAET allergy testing and treatment, nutritional counseling via Correct Keto, or a combination of services. We provide the best care naturally by listening and taking individualized, custom approaches to best suit your healthcare needs.

Dr. Brittany can help you with:

  • Spine and back pain
  • Migraines
  • Shoulder pain / frozen shoulder
  • Knee pain
  • Digestive health
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Infertility
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune conditions: thyroid, lupus, RA and OA, etc.
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • and more!

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