Meet Our Staff



Meet Our Staff


A little about the Doc.

Like you, I struggled with pain, discomfort, difficulty losing weight, and frustrating symptoms with no clear solution for years. I was in a go-kart accident at age 11 that resulted in debilitating migraines which worsened with puberty and hormonal changes. I dealt with chronic sinus infections year after year. I lived with inflammation for far too long. I was tired of the extra weight, repeating the cycle of losing and gaining, losing and gaining.  

My personal path toward healing is what led me to a career in functional medicine & natural wellness solutions. Chiropractic care solved my frequent migraines. NAET solved my chronic sinus infections. Correct Keto solved many of my inflammatory chronic conditions and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture completes the triad of natural healing and care that I knew I wanted to provide to my patients, which I also do regularly on myself, both therapeutic and cosmetic!

In 2013, I completed my degree as a doctor of chiropractic from Life College. I started my practice in Marietta, GA but moved to Nashville, TN with my husband, Todd who is the Office Manager, in 2015 where I joined All About Health. There I learned the value of NAET and its ability to fix a multitude of issues, obtaining certification shortly thereafter. In 2017 I completed my acupuncture training and licensure through The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture in Phoenix, AZ, accredited through New York Chiropractic College. 

I absolutely love what I do in guiding my patients to an extraordinary quality of life through functional medicine that works with individualized approaches to specific needs and goals! Changing and saving lives is my mission and I am so lucky and blessed to be able to do so!

-Dr. Brittany (McMillen) Bowers

Dr. Brittany Bowers

I am licensed in chiropractic medicine and acupuncture, certified in physiotherapy, NAET allergy testing and treatment, and have completed years of extensive research on proper nutrition around the ketogenic lifestyle, of which I utilize every single one of these therapies in my office daily. 

Todd Bowers, Office Manager

Hello! I was born in Panorama City, CA and grew up in Las Vegas, NV. After graduating high school, I went into the U.S. Army where I was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia in the 3rd Division, “Rock of the Marne”.

After eight years of service, I fell into the wonderful world of restaurant management and spent the next 20 years living a passion of driving my team to deliver the best experience possible to guests. Who knew I would also meet my beautiful bride to be!

Dr. Brittany and I made the move to Nashville from Atlanta in 2015 and settled in Hendersonville within a year. That beautiful bride to be married me in 2018 and here we are, living the best life possible doing what we both love!

I am so lucky and excited to be on the forefront of The Allergy & Spine Center, adding my diverse skill set in helping you achieve your health goals naturally through functional medicine that works.

I look forward to meeting you!