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My young daughter has severe seasonal allergies. Before we saw Dr. Bowers she had nebulizer treatments, steroids and lots of decongestants. ONE NAET TREATMENT improved her symptoms by 90%, and over the next week it was like she was never sick. We have returned to care with the change of seasons to address fall allergies, and we have seen the same miraculous effect. Words are not enough to express our gratitude!

Dylan A.

Dr. Bowers provides treatment and care that is in a comfortable setting. She is an excellent chiropractor.

Rhondell M.

Since the birth of my 7 month old, I have had lower back pain and sciatica issues. I have tried stretches, NSAIDS, epsom salt baths, etc with no relief. Last week I had my first adjustment with Dr. Bowers and the relief that I have felt is beyond amazing. I was actually able to play on the floor with my little fella and not have to yell for help to get me back to my feet. I also received my first acupuncture treatment for my hormones. Momma's, you know as well I as I do that not only do our bodies go through a major change, our emotional/mental state do too. Just from my first treatment, I am able to focus better, my anxiety has let up significantly, and my honey also said that I am more tolerable to be around. I highly recommend Dr. Bowers as she takes her time to listen to your concerns and her treatments do work! I can't wait for my next sessions!

Katie A.

Dr. Bowers has been helping me with stress management through the allergy program, allergies, and hormonal issues. 
She is a great chiropractor as well, as she has helped me with shoulder and back issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a very caring, understaanding, and compassionate chiropractor, that will do everything she can do to help you.

Marion I.

No doubt the best and so caring. Amazingly incredible.

Mike H.

I've had allergies (congestion) for 60 years -- After 3 treatments my congestion has cleared 80%+ . Will follow up with more treatments for asthma and arthritis - love her.

Mary Jo H.

Dr Bowers is the best! And NAET really works! The proof is in the results. I’ve been able to stop all allergy meds. Couldn’t be happier.

Dorothy J.

Absolutely LOVE Dr Bowers. Been miserable for 19 yrs since an injury. Have lead a recluse life because of pain and inability to sit or stand for any length of time. Was Very anxious about my first Acupuncture session. She explained everything beautifully. Have heard nightmares about chiropractic sessions of things gone wrong and had a great fear it would make my situation worse, but after speaking to her in detail, I agreed to try it. Have had 5 Acupuncture sessions and 4 adjustments and have seen noticeable improvement already. Cant wait to see what the future holds! I may actually be able to attend a church, concert, or ballgame or have dinner with friends without being in horrible pain for days afterwards and having to require a driver home after the event, due to pain. She has given me HOPE!

Madonna F.

Traveling the country through my 70 years, I have been fortunate to have known two chiropractors out of perhaps twenty who could rightly be called “healers”. Simply put, they possessed skills and gifts that were not taught or bestowed in schools. Those two are long gone so I am SO very pleased to have found Dr. Brittany Bowers, as she is one who surely falls into that rare category. It became evident early on that genuine healing is both Dr. Bowers' intention and her passion and I am blessed to have found her. Considering our respective ages I figure she’s the only chiropractor I’m ever going to need :) I recommend her highly.

Craig M.

Dr. Bowers is a gift! She gives me such personal attention. I am very grateful for her!

Falicia J.

Absolutely hands down the best in her field. She is super knowledgeable and answers any questions you have. She makes you feel like you are her only client at the time- instead of rushing you out!!

Amanda P.

She is very caring and compassionate and has helped me with several serious issues. You will be amazed how much better you can feel when your body is working correctly!

Linda P.
Jessica S.

I went to see Dr Bowers regarding allergies...I really appreciated her alternative and holistic approach. I would highly recommend her!

Debby H.

Dr. Brittany is thorough and takes multiple approaches to evaluating your body’s spinal health into account. I could not be happier! Highly Recommend!

Yari M.

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve had a ganglionic cyst in my left wrist. It’s gotten larger each week. Concerned with my issue I put my trust into Dr Bowers and her Acupuncture treatment. 4 days after my 1st treatment my cyst was 100% GONE!!! Very happy with my overall experience!! Highly recommended!!

Bryan G.

Dr. Brittany Bowers is helping me when I was told by another doctor that we would wait and watch my numbers. What? Watch them climb? How is that helpful? I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis last year, my antibodies have become more elevated and I was feeling worse. I didn't know how tired and old I had been feeling until I started feeling better! Since Dr. Bowers began NAET treatments with me I have more energy and literally have more pep in my step! I've only had three treatments so far. I work full time and am a homeschooling mom and wife. I still need to be on top of my game and she is helping me do that. She really seems to hear what I say and does not rush through appointments. I appreciate her caring nature. I definitely recommend Dr. Bowers.

Sandy M.

Dr. Bowers is like no other! I highly recommend her as she is very precise in her diagnosis, and treatment. I am a patient of hers, and she has helped me a lot.

Pete A.

I was in a tremendous amount of neck pain when I came into Dr. Bowers. She is a wonderful, concerned and caring young lady. Right away she helped me and has continued to improve my neck pain and addressed each and every other problem I have told her about. I am so much improved and will continue to come to her regularly for maintaining this improvement. Thank you Dear Lady!

Marilyn L.

Dr. Bowers has been great, she has treated me with seasonal allergies, thyroid, immune system, yeast infections and food allergies. I’m off of some of my medication due to her. Just talking to her other patients will give you a bigger picture of what this treatments can do. So if you are in the waiting room start talking you would be surprise at all the things that can be treated outside of regular medicine. I talked to a lady who was on a kidney transplant list who was improving each treatment and was removed from list.. Infants being treated, another lady told me that her child had reactions to a shot and he started showing signs of autism. Was treated and is doing great of course this took more than one treatment. I had a friend treated for poisoning ivy another for cats and they are both cleared from this allergy. I just can’t say enough about N.A.E.T treatments. I have booked another treatment next week can’t wait. P.S. it sound weird but just try it, it works.

Kathy s.

I highly recommend Dr. McMillen. She takes her time and asks lots of questions to get to the root of the issue. I've never felt rushed. She's the BEST.

Dione S.

Dr. McMillen provides fantastic chiropractic services. She gives good adjustments, and what I really appreciate about her is that she takes the time to find all the problems and correct them - I don't feel rushed in her care. I highly recommend her!

Travis N.

Oh My STARS...… Dr. McMillen got me through some serious pain. I had truly tried EVERYTHING before going in. I can't thank Dr. McMillen enough.

Sissy B.

I highly recommend Dr. McMillen. I am the first to admit that I was extremely skeptical of the NAET treatment at first. But I was desperate, and tired of being miserable - always achey, and with no energy to take care of myself. Now, almost a year later, I wake up with energy, am pain free, and actually look forward to working out. I never would have believed it, and I am so grateful I took this chance - thank you Dr. M!

Kathy B.

I literally crawled into Dr McMillens office with a pinched nerve in my back and severe sciatic pain. Literally a 12 on a 10 scale. Within the workweek she had me up and walking on the second visit. Pain was a 5. By the fourth visit a week later I was walking freely and pain was nearly a zero. Such a pleasant and professional doctor. She knows exactly what to do!!

Fred D.

I am a patient of Dr. Brittany McMillen. I want to tell the world she is wonderful! She has treated me since early 2017, and i recommend her most highly! She treats me with compassion, care, skill, and most importantly, heart. She is my Chiropractor and now also treats me with acupuncture, which seems to help me a lot. You cannot feel it at all, which surprises me, she is very skilled at what she does. She knows a lot about health. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Brittany, she seems more like my friend that my Dr.:) She always takes time to see you when you need her:) Sincerely, Pat Price

Pat P.

Dr. McMillen rocks! We just moved from out of state and I needed to see someone quick after lifting boxes and all the craziness. In two visits she had me all fixed up and I’ve been seeing her every other week since to keep feeling 100%.

Jessica A.

I started seeing Dr. Mc Millen in June of this year after just moving to Tennessee from Utah in May. I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my right hand so much that it woke me up in the middle of the night. Also severe neck tightness and pain. I began seeing her twice a week and I was amazed at how much she was able to help get my pain under control. I no longer have any tingling or numbness in my hand and neck pain is bearable now. The neck problem has been going on for many years and will probably never be completely gone but through her adjustments I get so much relief. Dr. McM illen truly deeply cares about her patients and their health and well-being. She will do whatever she can to help you be the best you can be health wise. I will continue to see her and only see her now,once every 2 weeks. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is having ,neck or back pain to go see her and let her help you relief your pain. She is an amazing and caring doctor and woman. Thank you Dr. McMillen for taking such great care of me and all of my pain. Thank you, Diana R

Diana R.

Dr. McMillen is the greatest. I currently use her for both Chiropractic and NAET and wouldn’t trade it for the world. She is very friendly and makes you feel right at ease during all sessions. Fun to joke around with her. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is very good at what she does. I can be hurting when i go in to see her and after a single session I feel like a million bucks.

Rick R.
Laura J.

Dr. McMillen has helped me so much with my allergies. Nashville had terrible pollen this year and she helped me fight them quickly. She also helped with my food sensitivities which has changed my life. My most recent situation really floored me. I had been having vertigo symptoms since the end of January (almost 4 months). I had been told to take allergy medicine and other things to make it go away. I tried everything and finally went back to her office. I found out what I was dealing with was an emotional issue instead of physical! I had one treatment and my symptoms were almost 100 percent gone. I just keep thinking, “what would I have done without this!” She also adjusted me that day and it was one of the best adjustments I have had. I strongly recommend Dr. McMillen and all of her methods of natural therapy!

Meg H.

I was delighted for my lower back to feel SO much better after just one visit. My bulging discs improved almost immediately. Dr McMillen is professional and friendly, I would highly recommend her for chiropractic care.

Anita N.

I appreciate the time taken to make sure all my concerns are addressed. I always leave feeling better than when I came.

Rebekah B.

Dr. Mac absolutely CURED my fragrance allergy...I would lose my voice and cough violently whenever I came close to most fragrances, including laundry products, hand lotion, say nothing of all of the women (and men) who cover up in their favorite, assuming everyone else likes their smell (from across the room) least now I do not become physically affected...I still have to smell them, though!!!!! Also, she treated my not so young bladder, if you need this, you know who you are!!!! AND last, but not least, she treated my horrible sinus condition...Go SEE HER!!!!!!

Connie H.
Karen Q.
I go every week. I would be lost without Dr. McMillen.
Cassandra R.
This place is the best place in the world. I see Dr.M; she is awesome. Does a great job and will get any back problems handled. Also acupuncture, y'all open up your minds and just try it. I was the biggest skeptic of this until I was in so much pain it was unbearable. Dr M asked if I would be willing to try it and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. They have offices in Nashville to [Jackson] so look her up and make [an] appointment; you can thank me later. You will feel better than you have in years or at least I do.
Mike T.
I would gladly recommend Dr. McMillen, her cheery disposition and genuine care and concern for me as a person put me right at ease  from the first visit! I have been suffering with Lupus and many unpleasant effects from this condition are almost completely gone with the use of NAET and acupuncture. She is still patiently working on the last troubling symptoms but has not given up and continues to work hard to figure out the puzzle that is me! There have been so many unexpected perks to the NAET such as better sleep and less acid reflux, which wasn't even something we were initially going to address, just a gift!!
Tammy P.
Jim Q.
Amazing! I am so thankful for this sweet doctor and the amazing results I have had For Rheumatoid Arthritis . I have had 8 treatments and my hands, feet, ankles and knee swelling is almost totally gone. A small price to pay for such wonderful results.
Betty H.
I am thrilled with the care from Dr. McMillen at the Nashville office for All About Health. The NAET treatments have almost made my "hot flashes" non-existent and she is working hard to help my hypothyroid issues. I highly recommend Dr. McMillen for all your allergy and chiropractic needs!!!!! She's made a believer out of me!
Debbie J.
Dr. McMillen at the Nashville office for All About Health has been fabulous. The NAET treatments for my everyday allergies has increased my quality of life. The additional time and interest Dr. McMillen has taken to utilize the NAET treatments to address specific aliments has been life changing. I would recommend Dr. McMillen and the All About Health office for all your allergy and chiropractic needs.
Amy C.
I'd developed general neck pain probably brought on from poor posture sitting all day at my desk. Monthly neck/back adjustments from Dr. Brit have definitely helped ease my day to day pain. I was also the biggest skeptic of acupuncture and denied that service for several months. I finally broke down and gave it a shot. Let me tell ya, you can literally feel the muscle relaxing to like a gel state. Best decision ever!
Matt N.
I met Dr. McMillen at a Health Vendor Event. I had been suffering terribly with a new and violent allergy. (When researched, I found that its a crazy protein I got from a tick bite that led to this, and that some ppl were even going into anaphylactic shock with this condition.). It took me 6 months to figure out what I was reacting to- but I thought it was BEEF. -My face would swell- spotty hives and huge welts all over that left bruises, eyes swelled almost shut, ears would swell thick~an extreme allergy. She tested me, and said I was EXTREMELY allergic to beef. I was desperate, so I made the appointment. The NAET treatment is painless, interesting Chinese form of treatment, which I wasn't real sure about, but I found her to be very professional-- and I was desperate. I did the treatment, and the followups, but was scared to try beef again. She told me I could try a bite, but I was so scared that I did not, and scheduled/attended 3 more appointments. She kept treating for beef allergy, as well as other allergies she discovered I had. I finally tried a pinch of beef. I waited, - no reaction. I ate a meatball a few days later.. no reaction.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I ate 2oz of steak, and was a little nervous about eating that much, but I still didnt break out. No itch, no swelling, no hives, nothing. IT was AMAZING!! Dr McMillen has changed and greatly improved my life. I am writing this - so that - if you are struggling with crazy allergies that make your life harder, give NAET a try, and maybe you too will get relief! On another note, while under her care for my allergies, I started having trouble with my shoulder and back. I adopted the "while I am here attitude" and asked about her chiropractic expertise. Dr McMillen very gently and with complete precision, adjusted me and relieved my pain. So if you have allergies, and/or skeletal pain, you should go and consult with Dr McMillen and let her help you too. I was a skeptical but desperate gal - and now I am a firm believer in Dr. McMillen and her expertise! ~ Diane Lindsey Kolaski (you can find me on FB- I am real!)
Diane K.
Dr. Brittany McMillen is the quintessential customer-focused health professional. She is highly intelligent and truly cares for her patients. Dr. McMillen will go above and beyond to make sure that the patient's needs are not only met, but are exceeded! It is well worth your while to check out her practice.
Terry Z.

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